This category hosts all courses for the Integrated B.A.B.Ed. programme of the University Department of Teacher Education, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.

The "PE - 4: Learning Assessment" course is designed for a 4-year Integrated B.A. B.Ed. Students of the University Department of Teacher Education (UDTE), Bhubaneswar. 

The course is developed by Mr. Durga Prasad Sahoo, an M.Ed. student of the UDTE as a part of his M.Ed. level study.

At present this course has only the following topics.

  1. Assessment and Evaluation: Meaning, purpose of assessment (improving learning and teaching); purpose of evaluation (placement, diagnosis, promotion, certification, providing feedback); Interrelationship between assessment and evaluation.
  2. Continuous and Comprehensive Assessment: Meaning, Importance and Scope; Learning and Assessment: Assessment of Learning, Assessment for Learning, and Assessment as Learning; CCA vs CCE.